Whether you have faced the prospect of a weekend getaway in your own city or a week out of town, nearly everyone has had to deal with car rental at some point in their lives. Renting a car is one of the simplest ways of acquiring handy transportation when you are stuck. Car rental is easy so long as you have a valid driver's license, credit card and the means to cover the costs. Now with OneEntry.com’s convenient leads service it can become even easier to rent a car. All you have to do is fill out our no-hassle forms and sit back while we get you up to five quotes from car rental suppliers in your area.

Car Rental categories

There are two basic types of car rental. Regular car rental applies to the majority of clients who simply want a car for a brief period of time such as a day, a weekend or even up to three weeks. The second type is long term car rental, which applies to anyone wishing to rent a vehicle for a month or more. Long term car rental might seem illogical given the perceived cost, but is sometimes necessary when on a business trip or even a vacation for an extended period of time.

Whatever your car rental needs might be, OneEntry can help you find the ideal rental company in the destination of your choice. No one has the time to sit around calling dozens of car rental companies to find out rates, promotions and other details. Time is money. And OneEntry can help you save plenty of both by simply filling out our no-hassle form. We take care of researching the car rental companies in the area you require and then putting you in touch with renowned suppliers. There is just one form to fill out and once that is done, OneEntry will send your information to a maximum of five rental car businesses – it is as easy as that.

Regardless of where your business or travels take you, by simply filling out our form you can obtain any kind of car rental that you might need. You will receive quotes from up to five suppliers based on the criteria and information with which you provide us. Take the strain and anxiety out of trip planning by using OneEntry’s convenient service and enjoy the experience straight from the planning stage.

Car rental is the clear choice and, often, only choice open to those who wish to be independently mobile while either on business or travel. Although you can also choose to use local public transportation or even take taxis everywhere, neither option is without disadvantages. Using public transit means that you will be tied to a fixed schedule and will have to deal with figuring out the city and its neighbourhoods and, maybe, even finding yourself lost in less-than-desirable places. Opting for taxis might be less of a hassle than public transit, but the cost can quickly add up.

Renting a car is clearly the most logical and economical choice when faced with getting around in a new destination. OneEntry can help you make the right rental choice by providing you with up to five car rental suppliers. Without doing more than simply filling out our form, you will get quotes from reputable and established car rental companies – all you will have to do after that is choose the best one.


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