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International Movers: How to Choose the Right International Movers

As with anything in life, when it comes to choosing the right international movers you must always do your research before settling on any company. By vetting several companies you will be able to better judge if what you are being offered is competitive and reasonable. The last thing you should ever do is simply settle for the first moving quotes you receive.

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International movers should generally be able to offer you guidance and help with the best method of shipping your belongings, the most economical solutions, logistics management, storage and packing. The right movers will help you to plan your move from a-z. They will be able to take care of preparing the proper paperwork for clearing your things through customs and will be able to store your possessions in secure facilities if you have not yet found accommodations.

There are generally two methods of shipping your belongings overseas – either by air or sea. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options and the one you choose will depend largely upon your own situation. Overall, shipping by sea will cost significantly less than if you choose to send your belongings by air. However, if you have a long period of storage once your stuff has arrived, then the cost of storage might offset any savings you might get. If you ship by sea budget 6 to 8 weeks for your belongings to arrive, whereas you can have all of your stuff within a day or two if you choose air. The only way in which air shipping might be more economical in the long run is if your home in the new country is already available. If your home is not ready yet, then the money you save shipping by sea could easily be eaten up by hotel stays and storage costs if you are not settled relatively quickly.

When it comes time to figure out what kind of container you will need to hold your belongings it is helpful to know that a family of four with an average sized home including a living room and two bedrooms would generally require one 20 foot container. Such a container will hold up to six thousand pounds and offers one thousand cubic feet of space. If your household is larger or if you have more belongings, then you might need a 40 foot container, which is basically double in size and capacity.

International movers will also help you pack your belongings. In fact, it is not recommended to pack your things yourself because if you do, then the moving company cannot be held liable for any damages incurred during travel. However, if you allow them to pack your things, then they assume all liability for damages should they occur.

A good international mover will have local agents to help plan and execute your move in both your place of departure and your place of arrival. Local agents are the ones who are tasked with ensuring that your belongings are transported properly to the right port, that all of the local paperwork is processed correctly and that your belongings have arrived safely at your new home country. If needed, the local agent will make sure that your belongings are placed securely into storage or delivered to your new home.

Dealing with professional international moving companies will leave you free to think about other things and will take the hassle of duties, customs and logistics out of your hands. Let OneEntry help you find the right international movers.

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In The International Movers Industry
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