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Moving Quotes: Getting Accurate Moving Quotes

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a series of moving quotes, choosing from among them and then being faced with a nasty shock on moving day when the actual price you are asked to pay is far and above what you expected. However, that is what happens every year to thousands of unwitting people who take for granted that what they are quoted by a moving company is the only thing they will have to pay.

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Moving is already a decision that comes with worries and concerns enough without having to wonder if you are being dealt with honestly by your moving company – but how are you to be sure that you do not end up paying more than what you were quoted? Well, the best way to secure as accurate a quote as possible from a mover is to have the company send a representative to your home to give you an in-house estimate. While the over-the-phone or online estimate is a good indication of what a moving company charges for their services, you must remember that the final figure will always vary upwards if you have more than what their average quote entails. For instance, if a mover says that it will cost a thousand dollars to move ten, fifty-pound boxes, but when they arrive you have twelve boxes weighing sixty pounds each – you can be sure that you will be charged for each extra box and for all of the extra weight.

Once you have received all of your initial quotes from the moving companies that you are considering, have each of them send a representative to your place to give you an in-house estimate of what you can expect to pay. You will see that the estimates will certainly increase slightly – if you have many big, cumbersome or heavy pieces of furniture to move, then your quote will increase considerably. However, you will at least be prepared and have a chance to budget for the extra expense, instead of being caught off-guard on moving day.

The other way to ensure that you get an accurate moving quote is to request either a binding-not-to-exceed estimate or a binding estimate. Such estimates are especially good because they lock the mover into the quote. However, some moving companies do not offer such estimates and some will actually charge you for giving you a binding estimate. Let us look at what these two moving quotes really mean.

A binding-not-to-exceed estimate means that the mover cannot charge you more than a certain amount for the move regardless of the weight of the goods you eventually ship. However, if you happen to be under their established weight limit then they will actually charge you less for the removals.

In a binding estimate, the moving company cannot charge you more for the move regardless of the final contents of your relocation. They will not charge you less, however, if you are under the weight limit.

Both forms of estimate are legal and binding once agreed to by both parties. Once agreed upon then the company and the customer must hold copies of the estimate and the estimate must contain the complete details of the agreement. The company can only alter the agreement by renegotiating with the client.

Of the two options the binding-not-to-exceed estimate is the best one to get if the movers you are dealing with provide such an option. Otherwise, try for a binding estimate or, at the very least, an in-house estimate; it is the only way to ensure that the moving quotes you get are as close to accurate as possible.

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