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Movers: Finding the Right Movers

Movers will take charge of your move from the moment they show up at your door on moving day. In fact, good moving companies will even provide such courtesy services as the advance delivery of boxes and same day packing for a nominal cost increase. Moving is always a stressful time and that is why finding the right movers is so crucial to a smooth and successful move. Knowing which moving company to hire requires a bit of research, but with just a little effort you can rest assured that your precious belongings will arrive at your new home safely.

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Although finding movers you can trust might seem like a daunting task, there are steps you can take to help you make the right decision. The first thing you should do is to ask your friends and acquaintances who have moved in the last 12 months for referrals to the companies they used. Referrals are especially good because you can gauge the quality of a company’s service by what their former clients have to say about them. If you do not know anyone who has moved recently, then ask your real estate professional for referrals to companies they trust or get referrals to reliable local movers by filling out OneEntry's form and receive up to five free quotes.

Once you have shortlisted a few companies to call for estimates make sure that you don’t simply pick the movers with the lowest moving quotes. Moving is certainly an expensive undertaking and many people try to save money by hiring the cheapest moving company they find. However, the companies with low estimates tend to be inexperienced and/or fly-by-night operations that will generally end-up costing you more in the long run due to time over-runs. In some cases a low estimate might be an indication that you are dealing with a “rogue mover.” Rogue movers will quote you an exceptionally low price initially; then once all of your belongings are loaded onto to their truck, they will demand exorbitant fees in order to release them.

Another very crucial element to look for in a mover is whether they offer insurance, are licensed or are bonded. If the local authorities in your area require movers to be bonded or licensed, then make sure to choose from among those companies who have the proper legal documents, as you will have some form of recourse should something go wrong. Insurance concerns are another very important element when choosing a mover. Never trust any mover that says they have insurance that will cover all of your goods; such insurance does not exist. Instead, find out exactly what is covered by their insurance. Some companies have insurance that only covers damage to goods if it occurs on their truck, which means that if their employee damages your prized dresser while carrying it into the house, it won’t be covered by their insurance.

Once you have chosen a moving company, have them come over to your house to give you a more definitive “in-house estimate.” When a representative from the moving company comes to evaluate just how much stuff you have to move, you will get a far more accurate quote than what they can provide over the phone and you won’t be faced with any sudden price shocks after the fact.

Once you have a quote with which you are comfortable, be sure to get everything you discussed in writing. However, before you sign a contract with the company you must verify the following very important items:
· That a “binding not to exceed” cap has been included; which means that the moving company cannot charge you more than a certain amount if the job should run longer
· That all of the insurance provisions have been clearly marked – what the company covers and what your insurance is expected to cover
· That the correct date, time and addresses (pick-up and delivery) are marked on the contract
· The details of your agreement are included, for instance, if you requested wardrobe boxes, packing assistance, etc…

In the end, paying a little bit extra for peace-of-mind makes sense – after all, you are essentially trusting all of your possessions to complete strangers. Limiting the risks that that you might expose yourself to by choosing a competent, established and reputable moving company far out-weighs the money you might save by hiring amateurs to do the job.

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