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Freight Forwarders: The Role of Freight Forwarders

Even if you have never heard the term before, if you are preparing to send a large cargo overseas, then you will automatically have to deal with a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is a company that takes care of the logistics involved with large shipments. Freight forwarders are located all over the world and vary in size depending on the market they target. Many large shipping companies will have their own freight forwarding department so that they do not have to rely on an outside company to handle their shipments.

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Among the various duties you can expect your freight forwarder to fulfill they are generally also responsible for researching and planning the best route and method of shipment for your goods. They will arrange to have the goods packaged properly, taking into account such things as the nature of the shipment, the climate, terrain, weight and the cost involved.

A freight forwarder is also in charge of negotiating all of the contracts, transportation and handling costs involved in the shipment of your goods. They are responsible for taking care of all the pertinent paperwork and preparing the proper documents to have your belonging cleared through customs. They will also ensure that the correct insurance requirements are met and that the shipment complies with the regulations of the country to which they goods are being sent.

If you have a big shipment of goods to move overseas, the convenient thing about hiring a freight forwarder to handle your move is that they will also contact third parties in order to move your shipment should it require additional forms of transport upon arrival in the new destination. So, for instance, if your goods arrive in the destination country, but then need to be flown inland to the final address, the freight forwarder will arrange for the goods to be unloaded from the ship, transported to an air freight company and flown to the final destination. Freight forwarders take care of every aspect of your shipment.

In the eventuality that something goes wrong with the shipment of your goods, your freight forwarder will also help you to file a claim. Furthermore, they can arrange it so that they handle all the payments involved in the shipment of your goods so that all you have to do is pay one person – them. Such an arrangement is highly convenient because it means that you have only to deal with your freight forwarder and no one else.

Freight forwarders are a convenient and highly practical way of ensuring the safe, efficient and well organized overseas shipping of your goods and/or belongings. Whether you are company looking to send your product to another country or an individual needing assistance with an international relocation, engaging the services of a freight forwarder is the smartest way for you to get the best pricing, best route and best method of shipment for your goods.

Compare Free Quotes
In The Freight Forwarders Industry
from up to 5 professional companies
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