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Moving Checklist: An Organized Moving Checklist

The moment you begin planning a move, the first thing you should do is to make a moving checklist. The list will be your master referral guide to everything that needs to get done before you move and also what you will need to remember to get done following your move. Creating as detailed a list as possible for your move will be the smartest thing you will ever do as it will eliminate a large portion of stress from what can be an exhausting, anxiety-ridden time.

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If you are not sure about what should go on your master checklist – not to worry. We have compiled a list of suggestion that can easily be modified to suit your needs and circumstances.

All master moving checklists should include a detailed inventory of all your furniture and appliances – big and small. You should have details including serial numbers, brand name, model, a description of its condition and, if possible, a photo of the item in question. The details will help with insurance claims should anything go wrong during the delivery and transportation of your belongings to your new home – whether it is a domestic or international move. The list will also contain all of the boxes that you pack with their contents. You can do this in one of two ways – either you write exactly what is found in each box on the box itself and number it and only place the box numbers on your list with their corresponding rooms, or you write down everything each box contains directly on your list and only have the numbers on the boxes.

Your moving checklist should also contain a breakdown of the tasks that need to be fulfilled before your departure. The easiest way to breakdown these items is by weeks. For instance, finalizing shipping services should be done at least three months prior to your move. In fact, the earlier you confirm your shipping company, the better as movers tend to book up quickly – especially during the summer months. You should also schedule such things as the cancellation of utilities including telephone, electricity, cable, internet, water, etc… and make sure that you remember to have the utilities booked for hook-up at your new place immediately following your move.

Placing all of your credit card companies, financial institutions, schools, movie clubs, any organizations to which you belong, dentists, doctors and other healthcare providers on your list is also a priority as they will all have to be notified of your address change. In the case of healthcare providers, if you are moving to a new city or state, then you will have to request a copy of your medical file to take with you – or have your history transferred directly to your new provider if you already have one.

The other important thing to remember to place on your list is your tax bureau information, DMV and post office as they will also have to be notified of your new address. In the case of the post office, you can always pay to have your mail forwarded for three to six months following your move so that you never lose any of your correspondence.

Lastly, your moving checklist should include those tasks that you must take care of immediately following your move – paying off any last minute debts, hooking up your utilities, registering your children in a local school, etc… Whatever you think of that you might forget in the bustle of getting ready. So long as you have a detailed and well-organized moving checklist, you will be able to keep on top of every detail and will find your move to run smoother than you ever expected.

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