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Marketing and sales are two very fast-paced, competitive industries. Companies know they need to stay abreast of trends and remain in constant contact with their customers and prospects. The internet has drastically changed the way sales and marketing companies interact with their audience and now, more than ever, businesses are using it as a medium to attract not only customers, but also suppliers. Through the categories below, you will be directed to a form where you can explain your needs. We'll then match your request to approximately 5 companies who can offer you free quotes. Your time is precious, so don't waste it surfing the web to find suppliers. Let OneEntry do the sourcing for you, and in no time your next sales and marketing project will be well under way.

You can use our request forms for a variety of marketing needs like web design or graphic designers. If you're looking to hire an agency to produce a clever advertizing campaign or design a new company logo, you can specify that, too. Or perhaps you're planning to outsource your customer service activities to a contact center next quarter. For sales boosters from telemarketing to lead generation, our fast forms will put you in touch with several companies which you can measure up against your requirements, time frames and budget.

Suppliers in sales and marketing firms will no doubt be hungry to take advantage of free publicity, so click on the orange button and register now. You'll be rewarded with a free listing in our online directories, giving you extra exposure to thousands of businesses around the globe. Savvy marketeers know the value of networking, so join our network today!

Marketing and sales are two closely interrelated markets whose services must work hand-in-hand for a business to succeed. Marketing is about anticipating the demands of consumers, identifying and satisfying their needs, and providing solutions to common problems. It gets a brand into the public psyche at the right time, providing products and services at a corresponding level of cost and quality. Sales activities leverage marketing techniques in order to turn a profit for the company. Both marketing and sales can be carried out either internally or externally, depending on the preferences and resources available to an organization.


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