A buyers guide is always handy to review when you are approaching an unfamiliar industry. Each guide will steer you through the buying process by offering an introduction to the industry, common terminology, tips like how to choose the best supplier for your needs and more. For your convenience, we've gathered all the information in one location, so there's no need for you to expend further time and effort in searching the web.

If you are planning to purchase a particular service in the future, our buyers guides will allow you to make an informed decision when selecting your service provider. Before committing to a supplier, make sure you are prepared by getting acquainted with our articles and practical checklists.

You can select a guide from the list below.

Please note that the guides, tips and checklists for purchasing services are provided for your reference only. You should still ask your supplier all the relevant questions that fit your unique case. Ensure you understand all the industry jargon and trends. If you are not sure about any of the terminology used on our request forms, please refer to the corresponding buyers guide. Double check with more than one supplier, or better yet, use our free comparison service by posting one request and getting several free quotes.


We are constantly adding new buyers guides to the above list as well as updating the existing ones. If you feel we have made any errors or have a contribution to make, please feel free to contact us. We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you cannot find a buyers guide for the services that interest you, or if you are an industry expert who wishes to add your own buyers guide.


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We needed to outsource some pre-sales work to a telemarketing company and I dreaded the search process. I knew it could take days to find companies, and then repeat my basic needs to each and every one. Filling out your form and having them come to me was a huge time saver. I hired a company in a week and so far we've been very pleased with the results.

Stephen, Buyer
New York, USA

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